Patent translations for a wide range of special areas

In many industries, technical patent translations are the basis for international business success. In fact, patent translations are among the areas in which translation errors can have fatal consequences. The wrong choice of words or incorrect punctuation may lead to the scope of protection of the claims being reduced or even lost.

We guarantee error-free, complete and high-quality patent translations taking into account all terminological and technical references and requirements. Our patent teams consist of senior patent translators and subject matter experts from the relevant fields such as automotive, molecular biology, patent litigation, pharmacy, or engineering. With this condensed expertise, we create high-quality patent translations that meet all formal, structural, and technical criteria and requirements of patents also taking into account the legal system of the target country.

Our patent translation services at a glance

We translate patents, abstracts, and claims in the following fields:

  • Medicine and medical technology
  • Pharmacy
  • Chemistry
  • Biology and molecular biology
  • Electrical devices and engineering
  • Mechanical engineering and Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • IT, computer science, software development

You need your translation certified? We also take care of the certification of patent translations. Our team makes sure that the certification meets all criteria set by the authority of the target country.

Technology and engineering