Language in Discourse

On racist frameworks, the power of language and our own role in this

In response to an increasing number of racist attacks, the call for a tougher stance against racist language and behaviour is growing. How this could look like  specifically is often not mentioned though. Partly because of a lack of precise action strategies, partly because of a lack of a scientific theoretical framework. This text first places racist language in a psycho- and neurolinguistic context and subsequently provides recommendations for action.


Lingualife goes Community Management

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Following numerous conversations with our customers, we find that online communities play an increasingly important role in a company's success, namely: Users primarily communicate with each other online and also expect feedback and an exchange with the company — an undertaking without successful management would therefore be at risk of failing completely.

That's why Lingualife offers active community management for your company and your brands in all European languages since August 2020.

We know that virtual communities are essential for your business and contribute towards the success of your brand. Our community managers develop and manage the respective communities on own portals, as well as fan bases on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest, while always keeping an eye on the key statements of your brand. In doing so, we always make sure that the company's own rules are respected, but also that product news and other relevant information is passed on to the members of the community and that an exchange among members is encouraged.

For more information on our new services, please visit our website at: or check out our informative 2-pager.