Life Science

Medicine & medical technology

Compared to other industries, more rigorous expertise is required in the field of medicine and medical technology, which needs to be updated on a constant basis. Our translators know that medical and pharmaceutical translations can include a variety of different categories and divisions. They have profound knowledge and know which terminologies and language styles to use.

In addition to our translation teams, Lingualife also works with doctors and pharmacists. All experts involved have the required technical knowledge and are able to master the relevant languages in order to support our teams in the best possible way.

Lingualife provides professional translation and consulting services for a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical materials and sees itself as your language service provider throughout entire clinical trial processes.

Pharmacy and biotechnology

Hardly any other industry is subject to such rapid developments as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. This not only requires extensive knowledge, but also a constant focus on the latest trends in science and research. This is why the Lingualife team includes graduate biologists and pharmacists, who are up-to-date on innovations and scientific business developments, and who are able to draw on this knowledge as part of the translation process.

To ensure optimum consistency, Lingualife uses customer/industry-specific terminology databases, which contain specialised terminology and established industry terms.

Our expertise in life sciences at a glance

  • Patient leaflets
  • Patient health cards
  • Summaries of product features, package leaflets and labelling
  • Pharmaceutical safety documentation
  • Market approval documents, toxicity studies, medical market surveys
  • Product datasheets, instructions for use and medical accessories
  • Medical and pharmacological publications
  • Medical reports for insurance companies
  • Drug therapy guidelines
  • Pharmacological studies
  • Manufacturing manuals and operating manuals
  • Toxicological reports
  • Documentation on clinical trials