Marketing & Communication

So your products reach the head and heart of your target group.

Your core messages put in a nutshell all over the world

The perfect marketing & PR translation is worded in the target language in such a way that the message reaches the target audience in a clear and unhindered manner. The Lingualife team therefore works directly with native translators from the target country when creating and translating texts within the area of advertising, marketing, corporate identity and public relations, who have the right training or professional experience within the area of marketing and advertising. This ensures a natural language flow and thus a successful transfer from the advertising message to the target audience.

Our experience in marketing & communication includes:

  • Image brochures
  • Fashion & Lifestyle magazines
  • Product catalogues (e.g. fashion)
  • PR and marketing campaigns
  • Print campaigns
  • Websites
  • Flyer
  • Information materials


Of course, all content may also be created for different target groups. In addition, we offer the possibility of creating your documents using plain/simple language. For more information on this, please see content optimisation.

Would you like to have your website translated?

Then you have come to the right place at Lingualife! By localising your website, you can reach new markets and be even more successful internationally. We transport your brand messages to the respective target country, using latest technologies, professional translators and intercultural expertise.

All you need is your website data. Simply deliver your website in a format that suits you and we will take care of the rest. You can send us files directly or we can translate using your CMS!

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With our Lingualife experts you can reach markets faster

Especially in the area of marketing and PR, speed is of the essence and content must be safely brought into the right form of publication. That's why we offer you the option of adding translated texts directly and tailor-made into the finished layout document, as well as to adapt all design elements accordingly.

Full effect on all channels

Confucius once wisely stated: All the art of language is to be understood. Anyone who wants to linguistically connect international companies and global markets through advertising, marketing and PR needs to know and understand all channels of modern communication, including all its versatile elements. This applies to the form, structure and expression of texts within the respective scope of application — be it texts for press portals, social media platforms or classical media such as print, TV or radio. Effective results can only be achieved in this way. Lingualife, with its highly qualified translators selected with the utmost care, guarantees that your target texts will meet this demand.

Audio & Video Editing

Localizing a video is a much more complex process compared to a classic Text-to-Text translation. There are more productions steps to be considered and more professionals involved (e.g. voice actors, video editors, sound technicians: producer/ project manager) that need to be coordinated.

Lingualife has designed a seamless and carefree service package that provides a clear understanding of each production step necessary and the costs involved. In case a certain module (e.g. dubbing) is not needed it can be easily removed from the process.


Original video


Lingualife extracts the audio layer of your video and turns it into text (script/transcript). This service level includes an expert transcriber turning spoken language into written text. We recommend it for all documents that only exist as audio or video file but need to be further processed for translation, dubbing, subtitling etc.

Premium Transcription Services

We will ensure the highest quality standard and precision of the translated script that will be used by the voice actor for dubbing and our video editing experts for adding the subtitles.
As this service level includes an expert translator and proofreader coupled with a Subject Matter Expert (SME).


The complexity of dubbing depends on the complexity of the source material. It may include a variety of complex technical issues and terms or has to be easily understandable (e.g. for children). Therefore, we recommend our experienced voice actors to ensure that the dubbing is captivating and tailored to the target audience for the whole duration of the video. Expert voice actors are always chosen appropriately so the dubbing remains precise and credible.


The subtitling service includes the whole process of transforming the translated script into subtitles, video editing, mastering and finalizing the video.

Video/Audio Editing

This service includes the edit of the audio of the video as well as the synchronization and mix of the dubbing provided by the voice actor. In a final step we will master the video and export the final version for you in mp4 or mov format.

Communication Services

Multilingualism on all Channels

We ensure your multi­lingual social media presence through engaging translations and professional community mana­gement.

We work on digital platforms and offer creative and effective language solutions for your social media channels and wherever you may need language support. Our language-specific community managers, for example, are ready to take on social media management and practice professional community management. In doing so, they promote direct dialogues with the respective target groups - always on an equal footing and in the target language of the users.

Real-Time Community Management

We practice proactive community management and participate in public discussions on behalf of your brand. Always in the language of your target groups and your target markets.

Real-time community management enables us to respond quickly to current events. The discussions are of great interest to the users, whilst also being highly relevant, as well as generating a high level of attention — this way we make the most of the opportunity by including your brand in the discussions. The Lingualife Community Management Team relies on empathy, spontaneity, the right tone, a transparent brand reference and a sense of users' concerns.

Messenger Marketing: Lingualife also provides support on major messenger platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. If you want to rely on human interactions in addition to chatbots, our Lingualife communication experts are available 24/7. Through modern cloud technologies, we maintain an overview of the different customer groups and corresponding product-specific questions and answer the questions of your users in a timely manner and according to the respective brand message.

Our 5 service promises for successful community management are:

1. Monitoring

We always know when intervention is required, to settle disputes and to moderate discussions.

2. Fast response times

We are always there for users, so they never have to wait more than two hours for an answer.

3. Uniform formulations & positions

Our community management represents your company in the online community whilst utilising your corporate wording. The respective language and positioning correspond to your company's image — this conveys authenticity and creates trust.

4. Interaction with the community

The community management offered by Lingualife not only addresses questions and problems, but also actively engages in dialogue with the community. Through target-group-relevant surveys, polls, and questions, we encourage followers to interact and positively influence the growth of the community.

5. Openness and understanding

Listening is perhaps the most important task in community management because we all want to feel like we are being taken seriously. By offering concrete help in case of concerns or criticism, we encourage a feeling within the community of being understood. We ensure that repeated criticism or wishes ultimately end up with the responsible colleagues, whilst also effecting change.

Language support for online and live meetings, events, or calls

We support you in meetings, at events or during important calls through language mediation and language support and thus offer language solutions for important meetings with your customers. Our language-specific language support officers facilitate small talk & ice-breaking tasks, ensure a pleasant family atmosphere with the customer and help with linguistic and intercultural difficulties. Our language attendants are available both virtually and live on site.