Our service portfolio

High-quality translations

Lingualife produces high-quality specialist translations, meeting all of your project requirements. Internationally defined standard terminologies are also included in the translation process, as well as latest developments in the respective specialist fields and knowledge of target groups and countries.

Brand Communication & Community Management

Lingualife makes sure your key messages reach the target audience in a clear, convincing and powerful manner. We ensure your multi­lingual social media presence through engaging translations and professional community mana­gement. Our language-specific community managers promote direct dialogues with the respective target groups - thus increasing the reach of your prodcuts and your online sales.

Content Management

Lingualife takes care of your content. We create new content for you and adjust it optimally. We also check your existing content for readability and effectiveness and optimize it. This way you definitely reach the head and heart of your target group!

Design, Layout and DTP solutions for your multimedia comtents

The Lingualife design specialists ensure that translation contents, layout and graphic designs are pefectly in tune at all times. We create your multilingual video contents with subtitles and voice-over, we add the finishing design touch to your product portfolios and catalogues, and we make sure your language products always have an ultimate appeal - awakening desires.

Expert consulting

At Lingualife, we see ourselves as your strategic partner, who can assist you with your projects at all times. The Lingualife Advisory board harbors junior and senior lawyers, medical doctors, engineers and marketing experts who can give your language product the finishing touch.