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Your Expert Language & Consulting Service Provider for Marketing, Life Science and Technology

About us

Lingualife is your all-round language service provider specialising in life science and technology, as well as related areas, such as healthcare and law. We combine language services with tailor-made specialist advice and therefore take into account that language does not exist in isolation, but that it may only come into full effect in specific contexts and with the respective expertise. And it is exactly this effect that we are looking at! We understand your project with all its requirements and optimally co-ordinate the linguistic product accordingly.


Based on this philosophy, our range of services includes not only language services, such as translation, interpretation and transcreation, but also context-specific consultations to give your product a critical touch. Our experts will assist you from the outset with technical, legal and intercultural questions — be it in relation to contractual design, product optimisation, product launches in other markets or the improved effectiveness of your texts.


In order to provide you with the best possible service, we operate using a worldwide network of translators, experts and technology specialists, who are deployed in a targeted manner and across time zones according to your customer requirements. This way, we are able to offer tailor-made and professional services to you around the clock. Our customers include numerous companies within various industries, SMEs and administration, who appreciate the intensive support of their projects by us.

Quality pays off!

Our long-standing experience in the field of specialist translation demonstrates that too often, translations are faulty, which can be attributed to a lack of expertise, insufficient terminology management or inappropriate production processes.

Here at Lingualife, we ensure that all measures are taken from project acceptance to completion, so as to deliver high-quality products, which fully meet your requirements and expectations. The development of co-ordinated terminology databases and corporate wording is included in our service, as well as the creation of style and translation guidelines, which guarantee the long-term implementation of your preferences and specifications.

Thanks to our 6-eye principle, consisting of a linguist, editor and specialist expert, we guarantee the quality of the requested language service in the best possible way.

This process is based on the international standard ISO 17100 for specialist translations.

The Lingualife service at a glance

Translation and localisation for all European, Scandinavian and Asian languages

Premium quality

compliant to DIN EN ISO 9001 /17100

Quality assurance

applied 6-eye principle for all our language services

Adherence to deadlines

timely translation of your texts

Language and specialist expertise

Especially in the field of life science and technology

Overnight processing of your jobs

Over-night service; large volumes possible within short timeframes

Round-the-clock service

You may contact us at any time; including on the weekends and public holidays

Terminology assignments

Free development of your corporate wording

Expertise & Consulting

The finishing touch for a perfect result

Translation memories

Use of cost-saving translation memories

Design & Layout

We will edit your text accordingly and get it into the right shape!

Use of latest technologies

Excellent quality at fair prices


We co-ordinate every step of the translation work closely with you

Confidential handling of your documents

Secured by signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
All data stored on our secured server exclusively in Germany

Sworn translations, apostils and legalisations

by court/officially sworn translators