Finance & real estate

Finance & real estate


Worldwide, financial texts are subject to strict regulations. These may include, for example, international guidelines regarding the content and formal design of balance sheets, annual reports and product information sheets or national tax authority stipulations. In addition, there are specific requirements for texts from various insurance sectors, as well as insurance conditions (based on insurance law), which have to be complied with. Certified Lingualife translators know these regulations in detail and will translate your texts in such a way that you may act safely, both in contract and when promoting abroad.


Real estate and insurance

Translations for financial, real estate and insurance companies must be correct in terms of content and form, yet also have to be effective. Financial texts should influence foreign investors, translations for real estate agents should attract international clients, and translations within the insurance industry should meet the needs of employees and policyholders, so that claims may be handled securely.

With a translation from Lingualife you will receive a high-quality end product, combining professional surety and persuasive power. Translations from Lingualife are geared precisely to the language, industry and culture of the target country. Our specialist translators localise your content, as if it were written directly by a native speaker in the target country. We are your translation service provider for all translations in the fields of finance, real estate and insurance. Let Lingualife convince you.