Content Management

Content Creation — Pulling New Text out of a Hat

Information is key to successful communication, with ever more density and increasing pressure to publish. Our content creation services can help you to increase the use of content in global markets. We optimise the delivery of global brand content for each country, thus enabling significant cost savings and shorter publication times. Lingualife sees itself as a full-service provider that enables cost-effective planning, customisation, management, and delivery of your marketing content and campaigns, so as to effectively deliver your brand message across all channels.

Our global content creation experts cover all internal and customer touch points, from presentation formats, printing, digital and TV ads to web and social media content.

Content Optimisation — Readability and the Power of Persuasion

Written communication is focused on the reader. If a text is too long, complicated, boring or unstructured, you will quickly lose the reader's attention and thus also the message contained within the text.

Lingualife examines text content for liveliness, intelligibility, conciseness and aesthetics and optimises your texts based on proven linguistic and neurocognitive models. Even small tricks can increase the power of persuasion of your core messages.


See for yourself! Our main areas of application in the area of content optimisation are:

  • Easy language/simple language - creation of websites, brochures and flyers in simple/plain language in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS)

  • Website texts and marketing materials - Readability analyses and audience-based text adjustments

  • Adaptation of existing texts for new target groups

Transcreation — when creativity is needed

The implementation of global communication is very complex. In case of a variety of different languages, cultures and markets, something can easily go wrong. Lingualife sets the highest standards for effective communication using a network of copywriters and expert teams for marketing transcreation.

The result? Brand communication with a clearly recognisable global voice that reaches your target audience in any language on an emotional level, as the words are not simply translated, but the meaning of the brand is transferred from one culture to another instead.