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Every brand has its unique message. Lingualife conveys it to your global customers.

Lingualife offers high-quality eCommerce translations

We know how much impact a good product description has when taking the final purchasing decision. 

By our flawlessly localized product descriptions and marketing texts, we let your customers around the world get the perfect impression of your artisanal and authentic brand and products.

Perfectly tailored to your target costumers and the relevant beauty, fashion or luxury products they want to buy.

Lingualife helps you to position your luxury brands in the native-language consciousness of consumers around the globe.

In our eCommerce translations we spread the air of online sales and at the same time evoke their desire for your exceptional products.

Our portfolio includes translation and content creation for:

For your brand we apply a unique style of translation highlighting the superlative quality and outstanding characteristics of your products.

fine clothing and shoes

luxury goods: jewelry, leather goods

accessories: sunglasses, bags and watches

lifestyle & wellness products

brand communication

Some of our satisfied clients:


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Lingualife applies a language that can seduce the imagination and evoke desires for your exceptional products.